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Build Strength With Pilates

A vigorous, highly focused total body workout, Pilates goes deep, using resistance to strengthen and tone, while stretching. With a repertoire of over 200 challenging exercises, you can be sure never to hit the dreaded "plateau" with our Pilates classes.

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What is Pilates

Pilates is a core strengthening and core conditioning workout. It focuses on engaging and strengthening the deep postural muscles of the body, strengthening your body from the inside out. Although the focus is the core, pilates works the entire body as a whole.

Pilates for Everyone

For first time exercisers or for those returning to exercise, Pilates is a safe way to build strength as well as tone your muscles without adding bulk. It is also the ideal way to rehabilitate your muscles from any injuries or joint and muscular pains.

Pilates is the perfect partner for athletes or sports trainers like runners, cyclists, marathons runners, golfers, skiers, dancers, tennis players, etc. Clubbing Pilates with your sports training prevents injuries, and fixes all kinds of muscle imbalances that are sure to occur due to sports training.

Start a Pilates Habit

Sessions will focus on achieving a complete mind and body workout, bringing the individuals attention in towards their bodies and enabling them to focus on correct muscle emphasis during every movement.

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Why Pilates

Pilates helps men & women deepen their understanding of their own bodies and in discovering strength, stability, alignment and flexibility through movement. We always begin by visiting the 5 basic principles that Pilates is based on and then move on to a short warm up, followed by a sequenced workout, focusing on strengthening and stabilizing the core muscles while mobilizing the outer limbs and various joints and muscles of the body.

Pilates Matwork ensures an individual achieves strength and stabilization along with mobility and flexibility, enabling them to improve daily posture, achieve a strong and neutral body alignment and restore general well-being.

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About the trainer

Eesha Singh is a STOTT Pilates trainer, with teaching experience of over 10 years. Having been a dancer and dance teacher for many years, she has a complete understanding of the human body and the way in which its movements impact people in their daily lives. Bringing an understanding of gyrotonics, gyrokinetics, along with her training in Ballet techniques and other body work, Eesha's classes successfully connect with people from most fields and movement backgrounds, helping them achieve their personal goals.


What people are saying about Pilates


Pilates by Eesha Singh have helped me with proper understanding & engagement of my muscles, discouraging muscular imbalances and more muscle usage in my belly dance classes.

Meher Malik, Belly Dancer

Every class in a way healed me, because not only did Pilates help repair years of damage of a hectic-lifestyle, but also opened me up to a whole new level of Body Awareness.

Zorian Cross, Actor & Director

You might be still wondering


Just your mat, and your aware self.
If you have an injury, or specific concerns that need to be addressed, private classes are the best choice for you since it will allow me to cater make a workout designed specifically for your needs. If you are healthy, of a moderate fitness level, and enjoy working out in a group, the group classes will be perfect for you, as they are fun, fast paced, and will motivate you to stick to your practice.
I teach pilates matwork, which is done on the floor using a few props.
Pilates is a great way to eliminate most back pains caused by bad posture, a weak core, stress etc. However, if you are suffering from a serious medical condition, you will need to consult your physician before starting any form of exercise. If you would like to discuss this in detail, please call us and we will be happy to help.
Yes! Post-natal pilates is a great way to strengthen your pelvic floor and bring strength back into your body in a safe manner. Private sessions will ensure that your body is worked out in a safe, yet efficient way.
Pilates is a great partner to sports training, as it prevents any injury that might occur in your body due to muscle imbalances. Most highly accomplished sports players have included pilates as an essential part of their training.
If you think it's too easy, you clearly have not tried pilates yet! Pilates is a workout that challenges even the fittest person on earth. By providing multiple variations for each movement, we ensure that no two classes are alike and that no one ever hits the dreaded "plateau" in their workout.
Not at all. While a few poses might look similar to those in yoga, Pilates as a methodology is as different from yoga as paratha is from pizza.
Each session lasts about 1 hour.
Cardiovascular exercises are a great addition to your exercise regime, if you do pilates regularly. You will find that combining pilates and cardio will give you maximum benefit, no matter what your exercise goals.